Maternal and Newborn Health Training at Haydom Lutheran Hospital

Over several year Haydom Lutheran Hospital has been collaborating with Tanzania Ministry of Health, Leardal Global health and other international partners in improving maternal and newborn care. Through these collaborations and research projects, Haydom Lutheran Hospital has gained huge capacity in training and facilities for trainings in management of obstetrics emergencies and newborn care. These has made the hospital to manage to reduce maternal and perinatal mortality dramatically.

On the other hand, South Sudan is the young nation with huge challenges in health system, having high levels of maternal and newborn mortality. Norwegian church Aids is working with South Sudanese ministry of health to combat this public health problem. Having close ties with Haydom Lutheran Hospital and knowing the capacity and location, Norwegian Church Aid chose Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Manyara Tanzania to train 10 midwives and one doctor from South Sudan on emergency maternal and newborn care from 23rd – 30th of October, 2017 .

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