Our Vision

Being excellent in saving lives.

Our Mission

To provide equitable and quality modernized healthcare services “to the praise of His Glory”.

Hospital Core Values


Holistic Approach

Always approaching needs from a comprehensive perspective – patients and community. Providing care to the body, soul and mind, treating each patient with all their needs, treating the community needs and providing community assistance such as water, roads, education etc



Always on the move to become better, capable of implementing when something needs to be done, being in the front of development, not standing still, quality improvement


Team Spirit

Taking care of each other, working together with many people and partners sharing the same goals and objectives



Rule of rescue (always treating patients no matter how sick), no discrimination, respect, friendliness, staff motivation



Doing things that need to be done the way we know will succeed, self-reliance, uniqueness, dancing to the beat of a different drum, not always listening to experts from distant places but more often listening to the expertise in the community and among the staff, resilience, defiance, “we see what needs to be done and we do it”, not always accepting that things are impossible, trusting our own “knowledge of there-and-then”



Quality, enough equipment, good examples, research, service attitude, taking patients needs and demands seriously, patient satisfaction, efficient use of resources, service before payment, respect, transparency

Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH) is located in the Manyara region, 400 km from Arusha. It is among faith based Hospital (FBOs) upgraded to be a referral hospital in the area and serves 7 districts in 4 regions.

Haydom Lutheran Hospital
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