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In the year 2009, when a large multisite, multinational research project was implemented, effort started to have a formal research department and since then the department existed and involved in conducting many research projects.

The name of the department which also exist as one of the three (others are clinical and training) pillars in the institution (HLH) is Haydom Global Health Research Centre (HGHRC)” This has been additional to the research that were happening before as mentioned above as still exists and continue increasing with time as the clinical and training activities continue to expand.

With time, the department managed to establish infrastructure to facilitate research conduct and include the laboratory space capable of doing several tests as molecular, microscopic, blood culture, drug sensitivity (AFB), facility for biological sample archiving etc.

Good Internet, for communication and web base dataset, about 55 are enrolled in the department and also clinical staff are involved in different levels.

If you want to see if Haydom is a good place for your research project contact the Research manager through the Haydom Lutheran Hospital email address: researchmanager@haydom.co.tz

Here you will find a list of research projects where Haydom was involved.


Our Commitment

Research activities have been taking place at HLH and the area around for several years with different goals and among of them being:

1. To identify gaps in health service

2. To test newly thought ideas and find if they can contribute in effort to improve health.

3. For academic reason and part of requirement to fulfill different knowledge in different levels e.g. diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate courses. Etc.

Practice area


Infectious diseases

TB, blood sepsis, enteric infections



malnutrition, both macro and micronutrients


Maternal and newborn health




(observation studies)


Cognitive development


and more...

Ongoing and Finished projects

Multisite study involving 8 sites globally – Venda South Africa and Haydom Tanzania in Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh in south asia, Brazil and Peru south America. Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) through FIC and FNIH, and collaboration with university of Virginia in US.

SAFER Births” started as a sub-study of towards MDG 4&5 then developed to a full independent project with multiple sub studies including: RCT on ventilators to resuscitate asphyxiated newborns, FHR monitoring tool, education curriculums etc. Colaboration with MNH and NIMR muhimbili, Tanzania, Safer, Stavanger Hospital Norway, weill Cornell USA. Funded by Laerdal, , Laerdal Global Health and SAFER, SLAB Laerdal Foundation and GLOBVAC 2014-2017

A factorial RCT for Nutrition and Infection to improve child growth and development. Collaboration with UVA and funded by BMGF, USA. On final stage in preparation; 2016-2019

Microbiological causes of severe invasive infections in young infants in rural setting in sub sahara africa. A multisite study involving Haydom Tanzania and Bukina Faso. A collaboration with UVA and funded by World Health Organization (WHO) and Tropica Disease Research and Training (TDR), Geneva. 2015-2017

Building on the HBB project and using the same curriculum with the additiona of simulator to train in prevention and management of PPH. 2011-2015. Collaboration with NIMR Muhimbili, Laedral and weill Cornell USA. Funded by Laerdal.

. International Collaborations in Infectious Diseases Research (ICIDR) involving multisites; Tanzania- Kibong’oto, Tanzania-Haydom, Uganda, Bangladesh, and Siberia) .a collaboration with UVA and funded by NIH USA. 2015-2019

A multisite (8 sites in Tanzania-Muhimbili NH, Temeke, Mwananyamala, Mawenzi, Bugando, Sekoture, KCMC and Haydom hospitals) study carried by the MoHSW, to evaluate the impact of a simulation based training using a simple mannequin to promote birth attendant skills in basic care and resuscitation of newborns 2009-2012. Collaboration with MoHSW, Laedral and weil Cornell USA.

Muhimbili NH and Haydom LH study to compare the effectiveness of two devises Pinnard on common use and the hand help Doppler in early detection of abnormal fetal heart rate during labour. 2012-2014. Funded by Laerdal Norway

The un-MASC TB Study. Collaboration with NIMR Muhimbili, University of Virginia and laboratory assistance from Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI). Funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) US. 2013-2015

Vaccine Effectiveness sub-study of MAL-ED study and ended in December Collaboration with the University of Virginia and funded by BMGF US. 2014-2015

Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH) is located in the Manyara region, 400 km from Arusha. It is among faith based Hospital (FBOs) upgraded to be a referral hospital in the area and serves 7 districts in 4 regions.

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